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Nostalgic Today is a combination of strengths and qualities, a combination of passion for American vintage cars from the '50s, love for Cuba, and thorough inside knowledge of Cuban and international tourism. 

NostalgiCar is the Cuban branch. It is a private initiative with the aim to restore as many classic cars as possible to their original state and to have them parade in the streets of Havana and the surrounding nature. 

Nostalgic Today, the international branch wants to stimulate this unique product and make it accessible to travelers from all over the world. 

We, Nidialys, Julio, and Monica, are looking for the best of all worlds. For you, for our cars, for Cuba, and for our employees. Together we want to take responsible tourism in Cuba to a higher level. Together we would like to show how perfectly our classic cars harmonize with the decor of Havana and how beautifully they color in the proud heart of the country. 


In the 1950s, Julio’s father worked as a mechanic for General Motors. It was before the Cuban revolution and they were still in Cuba; Chevrolet branches with a variety of choices in terms of parts that every Cuban technician dreams of. 

He already roamed around in the garage at an early age and became excited about the passion for American cars which his father had transmitted to his son. To improve his know-how, he went to study mechanical engineering at the University of Havana. 

What started once as a passionate hobby became his life’s work. “I will continue until I have at least restored all Chevrolet models from every year between 1955 and 1960”.  

That's Julio's drive! Images of his victories can be seen at Vintage Car Facts and The Garage Drive.  


Nidialys holds a degree in Chemistry from the University of Havana. It is certainly true that she ensures good chemistry in the company. Julio keeps the engines running but she keeps the entire company going with her marketing and logistical talents. 

She coordinates the entire tourist operation from her office in the workshop. She creates new tours and manages the reservation and administration department, punctual, friendly, and enthusiastic. She maintains contact with clients and, if necessary, speaks to the press. The day a driver is ill, Nidialys takes over the wheel. 

She is the indispensable silent power of NostalgiCar. 


In 2010, Julio and Nidialys registered the company NostalgiCar. It was actually Susan Sarandon who determined the name. After a ride in one of the vintage cars, her reaction was "It feels so nostalgic."
Besides Duffy, the pickup, Julio, and Nidialys have restored and exploit 7 Chevrolets, jewelry for Havana. Together with the drivers from the group, the fleet consists of more than 20 dreamily restored classic cars, providing the drivers and their families with a monthly salary. 

NostalgiCar has also helped a team of drivers and mechanics with a daily job. They are proud of their cars and the passengers they are driving, which are not the least. The Obama family, John Kerry, Madonna, Bon Jovi, Byoncé, and Jay-Z, among others, took a seat in one of our nostalgic cars.


After having lived and worked in Cuba for 24 years, Monica decided in 2018, with pain in her heart, to return to her first home country. They say that you can leave Cuba, although Cuba will never leave you. 
To relieve the pain and to keep the island feel alive, one day she approaches Nidialys. They knew each other from work and Monica admired their product and their professionalism. Together they had been successful in the past, why not in the future? 

Monica asked: "Nidia, wouldn't you like to have a representative outside of Cuba and develop your own website where services with your classic cars can be booked and paid for online?" 
There was a 3-second glance, there were two souls, there was one thought, Nostalgic Today was born.

Las dos mujeres, Nidialys and Monica, want to create an international platform for NostalgiCar. To show the whole world how beautiful Havana is, the country, the people, how the cars shine, how wonderful it is to be a passenger, what you can see, and where. With their Drives, they want to interest guests in what matters to Cuba, the history, the culture, the people, and the cohesion between them. 



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