Chevrolet Bel Air - 1955

Nadine ... from Havana

We called her Nadine and she definitely is the diva of our collection. Since her year of construction (1955), she served the Alvarez family faithfully until deterioration struck. As his sons weren’t interested in maintaining the vehicle, Uncle Daniel Alvarez asked in 2011 his nephew Julio, our maestro mechanic, if he would restore the Bel Air. Selling was definitely no option, the Bel Air had to stay in the family.

The restoration was arduous.

Due to the American blockade, parts couldn’t be obtained in Cuba, and Julio wanted nothing more than to restore this once glorious Bel Air to its original state. Blood, sweat, and tears dripped abundantly on the metal, nevertheless about nine months later, Nadine paraded out of the garage, shiny, light blue and proud as a peacock, towards a wonderful future.

Shortly thereafter, a casting for vintage cars was held in Havana. For the film ‘Havana 57’, a Cuban-Canadian co-production, the director was looking for the perfect car to drive the good guy; the cop that fought the mafia. The competition was severe, but Nadine won brilliantly. Six weeks on a row, ‘our heroine’ drove the movie hero through the locations of the film set in Havana.
Only a year ago, she was oxidizing in Uncle Daniel's garage, now she was shining on the silver screen.

Nadine has remained herself. 

She still does what she is good at. Being authentic, reliable and stunning. Transporting passengers comfortably and stylishly in an atmosphere that evokes romance and nostalgia.

According to our drivers, she is one of Cuba's most photographed vintage cars, especially when she was driving Madonna through the capital on a 'Diva Drive'. Nadine, our diva, and Madonna, the prima donna. Stars shine everywhere in Havana.

For those who don't believe it, we've added a photo and movie trailer below. We want to warn you that the trailer contains some bloody fiction scenes.

Fact sheet

Brand: Chevrolet
Model: Bel Air
Year: 1955
Engine: Toyota 1KZT - 4-cylinder
Steering and suspension: Original
Transmission: Toyota automatic
Fuel: Diesel
Air conditioning: Yes

Chevrolet Bel Air 1955 - Before

Chevrolet Bel Air 1955 - After


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