Chevrolet Impala - 1959

Margaret ... from Havana

Yellowed and rusty she was parked in a garage in Artemisa, the countryside near Havana. It was 2013 and, once beautifully painted creamy white, she now had the color of dirty snow. It was more a case of force majeure than neglect and due to a lack of material and resources, she had been deteriorating for years.

It would be their third car. After all, they already had Nadine and Lola. Julio immediately saw that the time had been mild for the Impala, in the ‘50s a brand-new Chevrolet model. The typical gadgets, the chrome jewelry, the streamlined tail, the fins (or are they wings?) were hardly touched.

Julio was already persuaded although Nidialys resisted at first.

After all, it was above their budget. Yet she let herself be tempted to go to Artemisa but kept waiting in the car. Less than fifteen minutes later, a triumphant Julio threw her the car keys. The deal was made. With two Chevrolets, they drove home over the quiet roads. Julio in the Bel Air, Nidialys in the old, brand-new purchase. It was too much for the old tires of the Impala. All four of them popped just before arriving at home, a tow truck covered the last meters.

The handbook of this Chevrolet showed that it was originally painted black and, as always, NostalgiCar adheres to the rules about the inner and outer appearance of this iconic model. We painted her black and named her Margaret after a special person.

After her restoration, Margaret played a prominent role in the opening of the American embassy in Havana. Among other things, she drove John Kerry, Secretary of State under President Obama, during his diplomatic mission.

Is Nadine for stars, and Lola for lovers, Margaret is definitely the favorite of businesspeople and politicians. Because of the design and the moody black, she certainly has a presidential charisma.

Fact sheet

Brand: Chevrolet
Model: Impala
Year: 1959
Engine: Chevrolet 235 - 6-cylinder
Steering and Suspension: Original
Transmission: Chevrolet manual
Fuel: Gasoline
Air conditioning: Yes

Chevrolet Impala 1959 - Before


Chevrolet Impala 1959 - After



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