Chevrolet Impala - 1960

Daniel ... from Havana

Is it not a beauty our 1960 Chevrolet Impala? What a design! Look at that backside, the elegant rear lights, the gadgets, the red arrow pointing forward from the wings. The engine; 6-cylinder, the steering, the transmission, everything is original, except the air conditioning and the perky Cuban flag above the license plate.

Once, this classy car belonged to an authentic and generous person, called Edel. Although Edel himself proposed the sale, it was also difficult for him. He is the only one of the previous car owners who never wanted to see the car after the restoration. Edel was of age and he probably preferred to conserve the sweet memories of the past, when the Impala drove him and his family in full glory, being proud of himself as a young man behind the wheel.

Edel is no longer among us, but his Impala honors him.

The guidebook of this Chevrolet showed that it was originally painted Prussian blue. So we painted the car this color and called him Daniel, after Julio's uncle; a great source of inspiration. Edel would certainly have refused if the Impala had been named after him.Daniel also acts. It runs in the family. He plays the car-role in the clip 'Amanece' by Yomil y el Dany, pioneers of trapton music, hip hop a lo cubano.
Old and new timelessly come together. 

See Daniel performing with Yomil y el Dany. 

Fact sheet

Brand: Chevrolet
Model: Impala 
Year: 1960
Engine: Chevrolet 235 - 6-cylinder
Steering and Suspension: Original
Transmission: Chevrolet manual
Fuel: Gasoline
Air conditioning: Yes

Chevrolet Impala - 1960 - Before

Chevrolet Impala - 1960 - After


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