Chevrolet Impala Convertible - 1959

Benny ... from Havana

We always thought that hardtops were more comfortable, and they are in all kinds of circumstances. Think of rain, heat, bright sunlight or moderate air quality. Nevertheless, requests for a city ride in a convertible were increasing. Enthusiastic people, who want to respire Havana, in the open air, summer dresses blowing up, feeling the wind in their hair, embracing the city with outstretched arms.

And then we discovered Benny. Benny still has the original looks of the Impala Convertible as Chevrolet intended in 1959. With all its gadgets and a 6-cylinder under the hood. The bright red interior contrasts stylishly with the black-lacquered bodywork, shiny as in his best days.

There are more than enough look-alikes in Havana, imitations, vintage cars with a cut-off roof. As far as we know, only one original black Impala convertible drives through the streets of the capital. Compliments to the others, but we at Nostalgic Today consider Benny by far the most handsome one.

We named him Benny (in Spanish with one -n-, in English with two). It is a tribute to a dear friend, who we remember daily.

Currently, we have only one convertible available, for which a Drive with our Chevrolet Impala 1959 has to be requested and cannot be booked and confirmed directly online. Please, send us an email if you’re interested in a ride with Benny.

Our classic cars regularly feature in video clips of artists. This is also Benny's case, who decorates a Cimafunk clip. Cimafunk, a Cuban singer, composer, and producer, is called the discovery among Latin American musicians. His music is a funky mix of rap, urban rhythms, and Cuban soul. Latin music is hot, Benny is cool.
See the clip 'Ponte pa'lo tuyo' and watch Benny, sixty years old, singing and shining. 

Fact sheet

Brand: Chevrolet
Model: Impala Convertible 
Year: 1959
Engine: Chevrolet 235 - 6-cylinder
Steering and suspension: Original
Transmission: Chevrolet manual
Fuel: Gasoline
Air conditioning: No

Chevrolet Impala Convertible 1959 - Before

Chevrolet Impala Convertible 1959 - After



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