Citroën DS 21 Pallas Limousine Convertible - 1973

The Goddess ... from Bordeaux

You are in a beautiful city, which gives a name to a color, a color pressed from the most exquisite red grapes. You are in Bordeaux. Step into a limousine, nestle yourself comfortably and cruise gently through the city and region. The roof is folded. An Atlantic breeze blows through your hair. You are the guest of honor in this unique Citroën DS 21 Pallas ‘décapotable’.

The French Goddess

In French, DS is pronounced as "déesse", meaning Goddess. It is truly a marvel of technique and beauty. In 2009 she was voted the most beautiful car of all time by an international jury. On the same stage - just a step below - the Jaguar XK120 and the Ferrari 275GTB, stunning designs too, nevertheless it is far more fun beating them.

From science-fiction to science-fact

The world was baffled when the DS was introduced in 1955 and not only because of Flaminio Bertoni's futuristic design. The applied techniques were revolutionary. In only one day science-fiction became science-fact. Yesterday's dream is already on the road today.
The hydraulics, developed for better steering, clutch, and brakes, are magnificent. The suspension and road-holding of the DS are phenomenal. Front-wheel drive, disc brakes, ingenious engineering all wrapped up in one automobile. Formidable!

The DS Pallas bears the name of Pallas Athena, the Greek Goddess of crafts and wisdom. It is the showpiece of Citroën, the crown jewel of the most beautiful collection in the world.

Divine pleasure

This silver-gray DS was built in 1973 in the workshop of Quai de Javel, in the heart of Paris. Later transformed into a convertible and fully restored in 2016. In addition to the driver, the car can accommodate 3 to 4 passengers. The scarlet soft leather chairs and folding roof harmonize beautifully with the red palette of Bordeaux. They support the air cushion feeling. For even more divine pleasure, a minibar is set up for a festive Bordeaux or a glass of sparkling Champagne. This is what the French call joie de vivre.

There she rides, the DS with all her elegant curves, passing charming châteaux in the late sun. She is the one-and-only in the world. Raise your glass and bring a toast, Bacchus smiles and sees that everything is fine. Santé.

Get on board, closer to the Olympic heaven you cannot get!

Fact Sheet 

Brand: Citroën
Model: DS 21 Pallas Limousine Convertible
Year: 1973
Engine: Original - 4-cylinder inline - 2175 cc - 115 BHP
Steering and suspension: Original
Transmission: Original - 5-speed manual
Fuel: Gasoline 
Air conditioning: No 

Citroën DS 21 Pallas Limousine Convertible - 1973


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