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Often, we talk about Vintage Car Tours in Havana or Vintage Car Tours in Cuba but actually, only cars manufactured between 1919 and 1930 are categorized as Vintage Cuba Cars. Cars, designed and manufactured between 1949 and 1979 are called Classic Cars, including those 50s models you see in Cuba.

When speaking of Old Car Tours in Cuba, this can be somehow ambivalent. Indeed, a beautiful old-age classic car from the 1950s can be described as an Old Car, but so can the rusty Lada from the 80s.

Our Vintage Car Tours in Havana/Cuba

Since the beginning of our enterprise, we carefully studied the wishes and preferences of the international visitor. We respect them. All our Vintage Car Havana Tours are on a private basis and not shared, it's your party, only for you and your family or friends. 

You do not have to be present at a meeting point, meaning less stress and no extra costs for you to get there on time. We will pick you up with our fantastic Vintage Havana Car and bring you back ‘home’. Door-to-Door Transport. Comfort and exclusivity are not only characteristic for our Havana Classic Cars, but it is also what we want to offer our passengers.

We created new Havana Car Tours in Vintage Cars that were not yet offered. Think of the Welcome-to-Havana Drive, click here to learn more. Choose one of our Cuba Dinner Drives, their menus are described in detail. Read more about Paladar Atelier here. Learn more about The Dinner Drive to Paladar La Fontana. Or see the sunset from Paladar Nazdarovie’s balcony.    

Old Cars in Cuba - Cuba’s car heritage comes in all kinds of colors, sizes, shapes, and conditions. 

Old Cars - When our Impala '60 still was an AlmendronThe least fortunate car owners do transport the residents against payment in local currency. Money (and time) to restore their robust cars is often lacking, the earnings are spent on gasoline for the next day and on daily expenses for their families. A future to drive tourists around in fancy vintage cars seems almost unthinkable for them.

The description Old Cars in Cuba could be given to the Almendrones (big almonds). Although noisier, more draughty and often less comfortable, they are just as iconic as their restored and shining companions. 

Picture: Old Cars - When our Impala '60 still was an Almendron.

Vintage Classic Cars

Let's talk about the Cuban entrepreneur…

Colored Classic Cars, Yellow Cabs & Lada in Old Havana..the Cuban with the ability to purchase a Vintage Classic Car, or to restore one, making a living with it when performing Cuba Classic Car Tours. Admittedly, they are beautiful, funny too. Cuba Classic Cars often are painted in all kinds of bright colors, fuchsia pink, lime green, orange or deep purple. Sometimes the roof of such an American old-timer has been cut off in order to turn the car into a convertible. Very creative, but back then in the ‘50s, no American car brand was designed nor manufactured this way. It is as if you are in a kind of Disneyland. But then, in Cuba, they say to improvised things "it's a Mickey Mouse".

Picture: Colored Classic Cars, Yellow Cabs & Lada in Old Havana.

Classic Cars are part of the Cuban identity, especially if they are as authentic as possible.                                             

Our Classic Cars are authentic. Click here to learn more about them.

Our master mechanic Julio checks everything in thick catalogs. Authentic Classic Car - Beautiful restored Chevrolet Impala 1960The entire restoration, including the interior and upholstery, is exactly according to the Chevrolet regulations of that year. Everything in its original condition. The chrome letters of the Bel Air, the graceful curve in the door of the Impala. Everything neat and tidy. Meticulous precision work. Interested in how these rusty cars are beautifully restored? Book a Havana Car Tour! Book our Cuba Garage Drive!


Things that can happen on a Cuba Classic Car Tour. 

Where can it go wrong? Laugh at the following real confrontations! 

It really doesn't happen every day, but it does happen. You have reserved a Vintage Car for the entire day, with a driver. To surprise your partner, you arranged a private Cuba Car Tour to Viñales. All starts well. The driver picks you up on time, he only wants to keep the front seat free and tells you to sit in the back. The Old Cuba Car also looks nice, seems to be well maintained and is comfortable. On the road!

All of a sudden, the driver stops somewhere near a house in the suburbs of Havana and an (unknown) woman gets in the car, sits down next to him in the front seat. The driver's wife? Maybe his mistress? They have had a great day, enjoying this opportunity to be together all day long; meanwhile hugging and kissing their attention goes to each other and not to you.  

Havana Vintage Car Tour - On the photo the car looked so gorgeous…

… the car that you had reserved for your Havana Vintage Car Tour. Up close, the car appears different. Another color, less maintained. The interior has had its best time, but then you couldn't have seen this on the image.

“We reserved a Chevrolet Bel Air, like the one your father drove back in the ‘50s, but this is a Buick, even in a bad condition,” you say to your partner.
Probably the reserved Cuba Classic Car was double booked or needed maintenance. Your provider asked his uncle, who happens to drive a Buick, to resolve the problem. The uncle, happy to earn something extra, indeed has a driver's license, but he is not an experienced driver. Nor does he know what tourists find interesting in Havana. As a farmer, he loves working on his land and milking cows, although performing one day a Cuba Classic Tour is quite a new experience for him.

This time everything is going well.

The reserved Old Cuba Car picks you up on time, and your Havana Car Tour can start. You had a good breakfast that morning, so no need to have lunch for now, sightseeing is what you want.

Instead of showing you Havana's highlights, the chauffeur drives you to numerous restaurants (where he probably receives a commission when bringing clients). Politely, you explain that you would rather see more of Havana than spending your time in a restaurant. After three gastronomic proposals, the driver realizes that you really don't want to have lunch, he is a bit disappointed, but then comes up with a new offer. 'Do you want to buy cheap cigars?' He knows a good place.

Cuba - These are just a few examples to show the cultural differences …

… of some Cuba Classic Tours. It is meant to be a laugh, although with a small warning. In almost all cases, the reviews prove that a Cuba Classic Tour is a great experience and that the drivers are dedicated and polite.

View the reviews on Tripadvisor about our Classic Car drivers, our cars and our services. You can expect this during one of our Vintage Car Tours in Cuba.
We labeled our Cuba Classic Car Tours 'Drives', for an overview, please click here.  

Professional Driver - Authentic Classic Car
Professional Driver - Authentic Classic Car





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