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  • 2 hours
  • Monday - Friday 2.00pm
  • Private tour, Nostalgia, Unique experience

Havana | The Garage Drive - vintage car workshop | from €35 pp


  • Compact city ride in classic car with driver through Havana, on the way to the garage.

  • Guided tour (with interpreter) in restoration workshop for old-timers.

  • Insight into private entrepreneurship (family business) in Cuba.


    Not included


    Monday - Friday at 02.00pm 


    2 hours

Price per person: 

    1 person:  €70
    2 persons: €35
    3 persons: €35
    4 persons: €35

He continues to deny it, but they say that Julio was already repairing his pram as a baby. What definitely is true is that, as soon as he could walk, he was already wandering around in the workshop of his father, in those days working as a mechanic at General Motors, the owner of Chevrolet.

In 2010, together with his wife Nidialys, he founded NostalgiCar...

... a small private company with the aim of letting their radically restored old-timers shine where they belong; in the streets of Cuba.
In this garage, the knowledge of and passion for classic cars have been transmitted from father to son.

Extraordinary attention to detail. Lola is not pink for fun, back then, her whole year was pink. Julio checks everything in thick catalogs. The interior and upholstery are also exactly according to the Chevrolet regulations of that year. Everything is in its original condition. The chrome letters of the Bel Air, the graceful curve in the door of the Impala. Everything neat and tidy. Meticulous precision work.

Julio is an engaging narrator with fascinating stories about the blood, sweat, and tears during the restoration process. But also stories about celebrities that NostalgiCar drove around. The thank-you-letter from Michelle Obama, NostalgiCar's visit to the White House in Washington. Photos of stars, politicians, and artists who put their trust in NostalgiCar. Photos of whom? It would be a spoiler. Come and see, they're hanging here. In the office.

If you look at the Vintage Car Facts page, you will see the before and after photos of the metamorphosis. How they, as neglected wrecks, were pushed into the garage and how they drove out; perky, blushing, and gorgeous as in their younger years, just like Chevrolet once intended. And... do watch this clip!

Included in the price:

  • Door to door transport. You will be picked up from and brought to your location in Havana. 

  • Panoramic city tour in an American Vintage Car on the way to the garage. 

  • Guided tour (about 45 minutes) in the restoration workshop with English interpreter.

  • Cuban coffee and mineral water.


- For your comfort, we manage a maximum of 4 passengers (+ driver) per car.

- The ride in classic car is what is called a panoramic tour. It means that from the car you’ll see some of Havana's landmarks, but you do not enter them. However, if you want to and the available time allows it, ask the driver. In the event that an entrance fee will be charged, you can pay on the spot.

- Our drivers are drivers. They are professional, experienced and guarantee safe transport. However, they are not tour guides, and not all are multilingual.

The Garage Drive



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