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Nostalgic Transport - round trip

You are in Cuba, you want to travel, do and see something, although not organized. Excursions are not an option for you. You have read about what you can do and visit at your destination. Or you only need transportation to visit Cuban friends or family, living outside of Havana. Maybe you purchased tickets for Cabaret Tropicana or need only transport to Havana’s East Beaches.

If your scope concerns finding a reliable transport and a professional and empathetic driver, we will arrange that for you!
Numerous beautifully restored and well-maintained Vintage Cars are waiting in our garage, thrilled to pick you up and drive you through the country. And of course to bring you safely back home.

You decide where to stop, where and when you want to have lunch or a drink. Our drivers will wait patiently until you give the signal to hit the road again.

You can choose from these destinations:

  • Havana City - Cienfuegos - Havana City

  • Havana City - Viñales - Havana City

  • Havana City - Varadero - Havana City

  • Havana City - Las Terrazas - Havana City

  • Havana City - Las Terrazas & Soroa- Havana City

  • Havana City – Guamá - Havana City

  • Havana City - La Vigía (Museum Hemingway) - Havana City

  • Havana City - El Moro - Havana City

  • Havana City - Playas del Este (East Beaches) - Havana City

  • Havana City - Cabaret Tropicana - Havana City

Advantages of Nostalgic Transport-round trip are:

  • Prepaid transportation against a fixed and fair price, No hidden fees, no surprises.

  • Many services in Cuba have to be paid in cash, meaning a visit to the bank. Avoid queues at the bank or its unexpected closing. Your service has been prepaid!

  • Door-to-Door transportation. You’ll be picked up and dropped-off at exactly the addresses you specify during the reservation process.

  • Let Nostalgic Transport be a vital part of your holidays, make the most of it. You can ask the driver to stop wherever you like.

  • Do not underestimate the comfort of these Classic Cars. Back in the 50s, automobiles were still manufactured with lots of space. Obviously, the indispensable air conditioning is modern-day.


- For your comfort, we manage a maximum of 3 passengers per car. (If you travel with 4 people, 2 cars will be driving, from 7 passengers, 3 cars and so on). If desired, 2 suitcases can be stowed in one car. 
- Our drivers are chauffeurs. They are professional, experienced and guarantee safe transport from origin to destination.
- However, they are not guides, and not all are multilingual. Prepare yourself by reading in advance about what you want to see and do.
- As already mentioned, we use punctuality during the pick-up, but flexibility during the ride. Ask the driver to stop on the way wherever you like, this only contributes to a pleasant traverse.

Nostalgic Transport - roundtrip




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