Drive Data

  • 3 hours
  • 05.30pm and 7.30pm
  • Gastronomy, Sunset, Something to celebrate, Private tour, Nostalgia

The Dinner Drive - Paladar Nazdarovie | from €43 to €94 pp


  • Door to door transport. You will be picked up from your location, you will be returned home safely.

  • Stylish ride in classic car (approx. 30 min) on the way to the private restaurant).

  • 3-Course menu in Paladar Nazdarovie.


    - Daily at 07.30 pm
    - Sunset version:
      Summer (DST) at 05.30pm
      Winter at 04.30pm


    3.5 hours

Price per person: 
(Chef's Menu)

    1 person:   €94
    2 persons: €60
    3 persons: €49
    4 persons: €43


Why The Dinner Drive?

Who does not recognize the problem? Finding a good restaurant in a completely new city is not always easy. Is it like the pictures promise? Or the other way around? Is it occupied because on Tripadvisor it has been praised it? Or is it especially appreciated by the local population?

Of course, you can arrange it yourself. In many cases you will have to find a taxi, meaning negotiating a fare. Even twice, which can be more difficult if the location of the restaurant is remote.

Many services in Cuba have to be paid cash and in local currency. By booking (and paying) your transport and meal from home, you prevent an annoying queue for the bank counter (or the unexpected closing of it), and the payment of unnecessary bank commission for cash withdrawals.

For your convenience, pleasure, and delight we have composed this package. We arrange everything ... you just enjoy.

Paladar Nazdarovie

The restaurant considers itself not only a place to eat but also an institution that contributes to a cultural experience. In the kitchen, food is cooked and baked according to Russian traditional family recipes. From the balcony, you can witness a gorgeous sunset... Read more about Nazdorovie and study their menus by clicking here

Advantages of The Dinner Drive are:

  • Reservation guaranteed.

  • Prepaid dinner. No worries and no surprises about the bill.

  • No worries whether you have enough cash with you, no hassle at the bank. The voucher covers a three-course meal. You only pay for extra drinks or any side dishes.

  • Prepaid transport. Our drivers will take you to the reserved restaurant and back home. No hassle in the streets finding a taxi.


• People with reduced mobility must realize that a high staircase has to be climbed to reach the restaurant. There is no elevator.

• The sunset version leaves during the summertime at 17.30 (05.30pm) and in the winter (November till March) at 16.30 (04.30pm), to increase the chances of a beautiful entourage for your dinner.

• Sometimes high waves can hit the quay, the Malecón will be closed for safety reasons and Nazdarovie is temporarily unreachable. In that case, we’ll look for an alternative, or you'll get your payment refunded.

• If you want to be dropped off at a nice bar, club or cabaret after dinner, count on us. From there you can take a taxi home at your own expense.

• A maximum of 4 passengers (plus driver) can be seated in the car. If your travel company consists of 5 or more people, two cars will drive.

• If you have a food allergy or diet, send us an e-mail, we will try to find an alternative.

• If you have something to celebrate, e-mail us details such as the name of the lucky person and what to celebrate. We pass this information on to the restaurant staff, asking for their special attention.


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