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  • 8 hours
  • Daily, flexible departure times
  • Culture, History, Gastronomy, Something to celebrate, Private tour

The Welcome to Havana Drive | from €75 to €177 pp


  • Day 1. Arrival transfer 

  • Day 2. The Classic City Drive - 2 hours

  • Day 2. The Dinner Drive


  • Transfer from Havana International Airport to your accommodation in Havana. No hassle with money changes.

  • Comprehensive introduction to Havana, 2-hour sightseeing ride in vintage car with driver. 

  • Dinner reserved in a private restaurant (paladar).
    Prepaid 3-course dinner, no worries about cash. 

  • Transportation included. We pick you up and bring you back. From door to door.




    Approx. 8 hrs (over 2 days)

Price per person from:        

    1 person:   €177
    2 persons: €101
    3 persons: € 75

Why a Welcome to Havana Drive?

Travel trends are constantly changing. Today, travelers are more experienced, better informed and prefer to work out their itinerary themselves. 
We as service providers also changed, based on years of experience and following the wishes and requirements of our clients.

However, one basic need of the newly arrived visitor keeps unchanged. How do I find my way in a completely unknown city? How to orientate me in the labyrinth of dizzying Havana?
For those travelers, we have put together a Starters Package, an appetizer on your travel menu.

A transfer will await you at the airport, bringing you to your accommodation in the city. The next morning, we pick you up wherever you stay for a city ride in a vintage car. In the evening, we arrange stylish transport to and dinner in a paladar (a private restaurant).
After that, various experiences richer, you can draw your own plan.

Three convenient services have been put together into a nice package, also well priced.
That's all you need, right?


- Would you like to read more about the included services, here are the links:

  The Classic City Drive - 2 hours
  The Dinner Drive - paladar Atelier 
  The Dinner Drive - paladar La Fontana
  The Dinner Drive - paladar Nazdarovie

- All transport will be in one of our Vintage Car and from door to door. You will be picked up at your residence and brought back home.  

- If you want to be dropped off at a nice bar, club or cabaret after dinner, count on us.  From there you can take a taxi home at your own expense.

- For transfers from the airport, we apply a maximum capacity of 3 passengers + 2 suitcases per car (or a maximum of 6 passengers + 4 suitcases per 2 cars). During the remaining car trips, a maximum of 4 passengers can be seated in one car.

- If you have a food allergy or a certain diet, send us an e-mail and we try to find an alternative.

- If you have something to celebrate, e-mail us details such as the name of the lucky person and what to celebrate. We’ll pass this on to the restaurant staff and ask for their special attention.

The Welcome to Havana Drive


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