From Farm to Table - Menu Restaurante Mediterraneo

View the menu which will be served during the Farm to Table Drive, cooked with fresh products picked earlier in the day on the Farm. 

In Restaurant Mediterraneo all dishes are made with healthy, organic and fresh products. Here in its kitchen, Luigi (the Italian chef) prepares and combines ingredients from the Mediterranean with local products from Cuba's soil.

From Farm to Table Menu 

  • Welcome Cocktail (Mojito) 

  • Starters: 
    - Homemade Cheese (goat) and Sausages 
    - Spinach croquettes 
    - Focaccia

  • Main Dish: 
    - Spinach Ravioli with Parmesan, or
    - Mixed skewers of meat, sausage, and vegetables

  • Dessert (ice cream) 

  • Drinks: 
    - 1 National drink (soda, juice, mineral water or beer) 
    - 1 Glass of red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon) or white wine (Chardonnay)

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