Interview from Bordeaux

Nostalgic Today has already written a lot about the stunning classic cars of our international partners, but we would like them to have their say.
By means of an interview, they tell you about their passionate Drive.

Destination: Bordeaux
Owner of: Citroën DS21 Pallas Limousine Convertible (The Goddess) - 1973

When did you start your business?

I started in 2017 when I founded Paris Heritage Tours: city tours of Paris aboard my Citroën DS. Then I moved with my family and my business to Bordeaux in 2019, to create Bordeaux Classic Cars.

What do you consider the most special part of your city or the surrounding area to share with your passengers?

Bordeaux is the essence of French Art de Vivre. Not only because of the vineyards around. For example: there are more than 1700 restaurants in the city, it is 1 restaurant for 280 inhabitants: the highest concentration in France!

Where do your passengers mostly come from (nationality)?

USA and UK

Could you please tell us about your most special experience with a passenger (or passengers)?

Each tour is a special experience! But when I was in Paris, I witnessed many wedding proposals during the tour. They always answered “Yesss”. That was so romantic and so emotional! I hope I will have more wedding proposals in Bordeaux. Bordeaux by night is so romantic!

Please, tell us something about the maintenance of your car(s)?

Maintenance is clearly a big part of the business. As a former design engineer in the car industry, I am passionate about mechanics and I take great care about. I spend a lot of my time in my garage to maintain and improve my classic cars. Reliability and safety must be without any compromise.

What do you think of a global platform exclusive to Tours & Activities in classic cars?

Great idea! A classic car tour is definitely not the average way to visit a city or region. This is a very special experience! Discovering heritage monuments and buildings aboard a heritage car is a philosophy. Normal it is presented on exclusive platforms.

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