The Beaucoup de Bordeaux City Drive - detailed description

Port de la Lune - Port of the Moon - the beating heart of the city of Bordeaux counts no less than 1800 hectares of monuments, bordered by another 3725 hectares, which serve as a protected and protective shell around this pearl.
Travel through time, through culture and architecture. Everywhere are traces of over 20 centuries of residence, traces of a tumultuous history, of bloom, struggle, destruction and revival, traces of a rich and illustrious past, pressed from grapes. Charming narrow streets, elegant avenues, lively squares full of French grandeur. This way you will savor Bordeaux superiorly.

'The Essence of Beauty' ...

... as Queen Elizabeth II labeled the city during a visit to Bordeaux. A royal insight.

This Beaucoup de Bordeaux City Drive reveals the beauty of the left bank of the Garonne. You will see (not necessarily in this order) Roman remains, the Palais Gallien, an amphitheater from the 2nd century. You pass proud gates, guards of the city; Porte Cailhau, a city gate from the 15th century as well as a triumphal arch after a won battle, la Grosse Cloche (Big Bell), also 15th century, so heavy that it may only ring now and then.

Squares and bridges

You cruise across squares, passing Place Pey-Berland with the cathédrale (12th to 16th century) and the free-standing bell tower. You will cruise past Place de Quinquonces, the largest square in France where the Monument aux Girondins recalls the darkest page in the city's history. Along Place de la Bourse and the ‘Miroir d'eau’, a mirror of water that reflects the buildings and the lighting around the square and the sky above. Very magical and photogenic.

The stone bridge Pont de Pierre connects the banks of the Garonne since Napoleon. You pass churches, basilicas, cathedrals, special examples of the Christian heritage, such as those of Saint-Michel, located in the Saint-Michel district where a colorful diversity of people have their homes.

Bordeaux has an old soul but is young at heart

The Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux dates from the 18th century; designed as a temple of light and art, classicistic on the outside, beautiful on the inside. Also, from that time are the Allées de Tourny, laid out broadly - as only sun kings would do - today, a hotspot of luxury shops, boutiques, brasseries, food stores, and cafes.
Bordeaux has an old soul but is young at heart.

Would you like to spend two hours in the city of Bordeaux?

It won't be easy to squeeze so much of Bordeaux in one hour. You may wish more time for so much beauty.
The two-hour version can be an option; time for a city walk over car-free streets, and believe it or not … there are even more monumental churches such as l'église Sainte-Croix and l'église Notre-Dame. Also, meet modern Bordeaux. Do visit La Cité du Vin; a hallucinatory gold-colored building that highlights all facets of wine in a contemporary way.
You may also find the more recently built neighborhoods interesting, or being curious about the right bank, higher situated with a beautiful view of Port de la Lune. A lot is possible in consultation with your guide.

Enjoy the essence of beauty in a stylish, almost royal way in this Citroën 21 DS Pallas; the Queen of the Road.

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