Havana, Cuba - What to Do in Cuba? Things to Do in Havana!

You have booked your flight ticket and accommodation to fascinating Cuba/Havana. But What to do in Havana? What to do in Cuba's sensual, elegant capital? Born 500 years ago ... born to be beautiful!

Havana, Cuba - What to do in Havana is not a recent question. It was already asked in the 1950s.

In those years, Cuba was a hedonistic destination for North Americans. Gangsters like Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, and Al Capone pulled a shady veil over Havana. They solved the question about Things to do in Havana by building hotels, casinos, clubs, cinemas.

To be able to visit all those locations, hundreds of thousands of cars were imported from the USA in the fifties. When the Cuban revolution triumphed in 1959 and the Americans quickly turned north to their homeland, knowing that their frivolous behavior would not be tolerated, all those classic cars remained in Cuba.

Vintage Car Tours in Havana – Vintage Car tours in Cuba

Today, some sixty years later, people just surf the internet to find what you can do in Havana.

What to do in Havana - Museo Nacional de Bellas ArtesThey search for cultural, educational and interesting Cuba Car Tours, or just for fun. Many of those Havana Car Tours are still performed in one of those Classic Cars that were abandoned by the Americans in Cuba in the late 1950s.



Our Vintage Car Tours in Havana/Cuba

Since the beginning of our enterprise, we carefully studied the wishes and preferences of the international visitor. We respect them. All our Vintage Car Havana Tours are on a private basis and not shared, it's your party, only for you and your family or friends. 

Besides, you do not have to be present at a meeting point, less stress for you and no extra costs to get there on time. We will pick you up with our fantastic Vintage Havana car and bring you back ‘home’. Door-to-Door Transport. Comfort and exclusivity are not only characteristic for our Havana Classic Cars, but it is also what we want to offer our passengers.

What to do in Havana - Sunset in Paladar Nazdarovie facing the MalecónWe created new Havana Car Tours in Vintage Cars that were not yet offered. Think of the Welcome-to-Havana Drive, click here to learn more. Choose one of our Cuba Dinner Drives, their menus are described in detail on our website. Read more about Paladar Atelier here. Learn more about The Dinner Drive to Paladar La Fontana. Or see the sunset from Paladar Nazdarovie’s balcony. We labeled our Cuba Classic Car Tours as 'Drives' for an overview, please click here.  


If you visit the Netherlands, you rent a bicycle…

… or sail over the canals of Amsterdam in a canal boat. (For those who can afford it, you can do so in Venice, but then in a gondola). In the Alps, you go skiing, cross-country skiing or hiking. In Nepal, you go climbing with a Sherpa. With a motorhome, you ideally travel through the United States or Canada. In Cuba, you can hardly get any closer to the country when riding in a Classic Car. Not touristy at all, just the right Thing to Do in Cuba.

What to do in Havana/Cuba?

Curious about how others rank Things to do in Havana, I surfed on the internet, checking the Top 10.

What to do in Havana? Old Havana

First and foremost, stands unmatchable Old Havana, followed by Fusterlandia, Plaza Vieja is also popular, as is Plaza de la Catedral, the beautiful Malecón seafront and El Morro. The Gran Teatro and number 10 is the Museum of Fine Arts. Before checking this Top 10, we already included all those highlights in our Havana Car Tours, as if we knew it, which we actually did, with the exception of La Fábrica de Arte Cubano, but we can also take you there.


In order to be a reliable and professional tour operator, responding to international standards, we have prepared ourselves. 

We built a beautiful website with detailed descriptions of our Cuba Car Tours and the Car Facts of our Vintage Cars. What you see is what you get. In collaboration with a legal adviser, we have drawn up Terms & Conditions. Agreements between buyer and supplier must be clear worldwide and in writing. (Not all providers of Havana Tours in Classic Car have published any Terms & Conditions on their website). 

All required documents (such as Chamber of Commerce registration), business bank account, VAT number and company liability insurance are in order and up to date.


In many cases the offered Havana Tours in Vintage Car have to be directly paid to the driver, in cash, and in local currency; the Cuban Convertible Peso.

This implies first a visit to the bank, which sometimes can be a battle. Too few counters, sometimes the system suddenly drops out avoiding withdrawing cash with your credit card, or the bank is closed for unclear reasons. Then we have not even mentioned additional bank charges. That is why we have integrated a secured online booking and payment system on our website for all our Cuba Tours in Classic Car, just click on the Book-a-Drive-button on our website. 

So about what to do in Cuba? Things to Do in Havana! Just drive with us, we drive with you!

What to do in Havana?





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